New Webinar:
Transforming Galactic Soul Contracts

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This class will be featuring a discussion of different types of soul contracts, from twin flames to ancestral family connections, and how our star origins influence those relationships. We will be discussing the intricacies of the lessons and benefits of soul contracts from all of the major star systems and how they add to our evolution and development as spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth. 

This class will be useful for all spiritual levels. Watch the trailer above!


It is currently offered as pay per view on demand on Kajabi. Use the link posted above to register and pay for the webinar video. 


Recognizing Extraterrestrial Frequencies


The purpose of this training is to give folks the ability to recognize the different frequencies of extraterrestrial star systems, whether it be when accessing the Records, channeling the higher realms, providing healing services for your clients within your practice, or learning to traverse different dimensions. This class is also very useful in determining star origins in people that you encounter on a day to day basis. Now available on demand!


Watch the teaser!