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Artwork by Vashta Narada



Antares is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpio.


It is a star with fiery red and emerald green colors, and lies at a distance of approximately 136 light years.


Often referred to as "the heart of the scorpion," Antares is a red supergiant, a large evolved massive star.


Its mass is calculated to be around 12 times that of the Sun. Antares appears as a single star when viewed with the naked eye, but it is actually a binary star, with its two components called α Scorpii A and α Scorpii B.


The brighter of the pair is the red supergiant, while the fainter is a hot main sequence star of magnitude 5.5. Antares is located in the southern half of earth’s sky.


If you traveled to the southern hemisphere, about 67 degrees south latitude, you’d find that Antares is circumpolar, meaning it never sets and is visible every night of the year from earth’s southernmost regions.


There are several Earth-like planets in their star system, some of which are also in the process of Ascension. Antares is 87,200 times larger than the Earth and located closer to the Great Grand Central Sun in the Galactic Center.



During the separation of the Milky Way from the Andromeda Galaxy, the very first stargate in our Milky Way Galaxy was created, which was the Antares Stargate.


Antares was created to be a star portal that connected the Andromeda Galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy.


Through this portal, many etheric (non-physical) beings from the Andromeda Galaxy arrived in the new Milky Way Galaxy to begin the new cosmic experimentation into a more physical reality.


Antares is the home of higher dimensional entities, both physical and non-physical and is an important gateway to other galaxies and universes. Some souls, upon physical incarnation, choose to pass through the Antares gateway to reactivate soul memory.


Some starseeds here on Earth, usually those who have originated from the Andromeda Galaxy, actually came to this Galaxy through the Antares stargate, not Arcturus.


These starseeds are usually highly sensitive, highly intellectual, usually highly empathic, withdrawn and reserved.



The Antarians are a mostly non-physical star race at this time, although it is thought that they were once physical beings who had visited Earth during ancient times.


Antares is a center for spiritual awakening, and they serve as protectors until the end of this galactic cycle. The Antarians benefit from relaying and receiving information from Earth as they are in process of transmuting energy on some planets, which are under their care.


Despite Antares being a stargate like Arcturus, Antarian energies are quite different from the Arcturians. While the Arcturians have assisted the Earth in their group missions, the Antarians have not. Antarians are the gateway keepers of the Higher Realms/Dimensions.


They help facilitate souls shifting into higher states of consciousness.


The Arcturians, on the other hand, process a soul first, and when the soul has evolved farther in consciousness it passes through the Antarian portal that gives access to higher frequencies within this Universe.


Antares is considered to be the stargate that represents Mother God Consciousness, whereas Arcturus is the representation of Father God Consciousness.


Antares is the location of one of the meeting places for the Galactic Council; the council heads of all major collaborative star races within this galaxy who are united in peace and love in a co-creative process of the Ascension Process of the Milky Way Galaxy.





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Artwork by Vashta Narada

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