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A Tribute to My Faithful Friend ~ Piglet the Therapy Cat

March 8, 2000 ~ November 15, 2017

This page was created to honor the memory of my long time friend and constant companion, Piglet the Sphynx cat.


I first adopted Piglet in January 2009 from a response to an ad I placed in an online Sphynx rescue forum. Piglet herself was rescued from a Colorado mountain town animal shelter from a kind Colorado lady who loved the Sphynx breed and pulled them out of shelters. From the very beginning I could see that Piglet was no ordinary cat! Soon after I adopted Piglet, I noticed she was unusually friendly and well-socialized for a cat. After watching a show on Animal Planet about therapy animals, I signed Piglet and myself up for an animal-assisted therapy training program with the American Humane Association, which had their headquarters in Denver, CO. After a couple of months, Piglet and I went through their evaluation to get certified and registered as an animal-assisted therapy team. The rest is history…

Piglet wasn't just any cat....she was a four-legged hairless trailblazer as one of the very few registered therapy cats in the US, as well as Colorado, and -as far as I know- was the only cat who was actually certified as an American Red Cross volunteer.


Piglet's animal-assisted therapy work touched the lives of hundreds of people in our community...she was the only cat in Colorado to work with the wounded warriors at Ft. Carson and she also assisted the evacuees from the Waldo Canyon fires in Colorado in 2012.


She also did a lot of work with the elderly in nursing homes especially those in the Alzheimer's wards, provided healing touch to sick people in hospitals, patiently listened to the children who were struggling with reading at the library literacy programs, comforted small children who were afraid to get their immunizations, and was a patient companion to physically disabled children and mentally disabled adults. She was an ambassador of love and healing at various large events, especially at Ft. Carson and Peterson AFB. A lot of us enjoyed her antics in her many outfits, but behind the silliness there was a powerful shining soul who had the heart and strength of a whole fleet of angelic beings. I'm a much better person today because of the work I did with Miss Piglet; she was a worthy and most patient teacher with me. 🌟💖🌟


Piglet was already a senior cat at 8 years old when I adopted her in 2009. Throughout the coming years, she became older and developed some health issues, including a chronic heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and feline diabetes. Despite her illnesses, Piglet was a strong-willed girl and hung in there until she was almost 18 years old. Unfortunately the combination of old age and poor health took its toll, and Piglet finally succumbed to the ravages of a diabetic seizure. As tough as it was to make that decision to have her put down, at least she is no longer in pain and her soul has peacefully transitioned back to the stars of the Pleiades, where she is from originally. I know I will see her again someday. ✨✨

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