Starseed Origin

An example of an Starseed Atlantis Akashic Reading

Are you wondering if you're originally not from Earth, but a starseed from a different star system?   Or, do you feel you do have starseed characteristics but not sure what star system you're from originally? Are you seeking a greater connection with your star family and/or higher guides? Starseeds are souls who have chosen to incarnate on Earth but are originally from another star system, such as the Pleiades, Arcturus, Sirius, Orion, as well as multiple other stars, constellations and galaxies. Let Debbie bridge the gap by helping you connect to your star origins and lineage.


Note: This reading is different from the Akashic reading in that you will receive information on your star lineage and star system of origin ONLY; it does not include any of the other soul information you would receive in an Akashic reading. This reading is best for those who want to know their star origins, but are either on a budget or do not desire or need to get the extensive information received from the Akashic Records.




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Debbie's Starseed Origins reading opened me up to an understanding of my Universal experience that I'd never had before.  It helped me connect to my Pleaidian origins.  It also enhanced my understanding of the gifts I possess as a starseed and lightworker.  Finally, and very importantly, she helped me understand the connections of my journey with key loved ones in my life who are also starseeds.  It was a reading that I still reference many months later.

Kerri, Castle Rock, CO