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Donald Trump’s Star Origins

This is my response to a Simon Parkes radio show:

Here's my check on Donald Trump's star lineage in the Akashic Records (I always get permission from the guides before I do so). I don't know if this lines up with what Simon Parkes said in his video, but what I get on Donald is a LOT of lives spent in the Orion constellation, dealing with the duality and conflict that abounded in that star system for millennia.

He is very well versed in dealing with conflict because he's had to do it to survive within the Reptilian Empire that's had control over the Orion sector for eons. Orion starseeds do carry a lot of karmic baggage from the tough lessons they've chosen for themselves, but they are also gifted change agents and radical systems busters. I don't get Reptilian starseed with Donald but he has a fair amount of Reptilian DNA within's not bad or good, but it enables him to be aggressive and competitive in his environment. He is also a master manifestor, again a survival mechanism to survive on Orion. Before his soul contract brought him to Earth, he did spend a few lives in the Pleiades to "refine" his temperament and learn how to operate...more or less...within polite society to prepare for his Earth lives. He's had Earth incarnations on Atlantis and several key civilizations, most notably Greco/Roman and China/Southeast Asia. His mission on Earth in this life is to bust the current system, which he has mastered being that he originated from Orion, and to resolve the lessons of extreme duality and conflict within himself. It is no accident that he chose to be born under the sign of Gemini, the sign of constant change and communication.

I just wanted to add that I purposely did not listen to Simon's video before I did my mini Akashic reading on Mr. Trump because I didn't want to be influenced by what he said. Listening to his broadcast afterwards last night, I'm impressed that his assessment and mine are very similar: we both picked up on Donald's Reptilian DNA and connection to the Pleiades. The place where we differ is that Simon mentions a Sirius connection, which I don't see at all. The Akashic Records show that Donald Trump's origins are solidly in Orion. Melania Trump, on the other hand, does have Sirian star origins. 🌟

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