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Tribute to Piglet by Michelle Marie Many of Holistic Mountain

A very special Grandmother who came from the stars

Who was something so magical, that we all wanted her for ours

She has made her return and now flies to her heavenly home

After a long journey across the land, as a healer she did roam

She always gave her heart to help all those who were in need

She would twirl in the magic through her tail at lightning speed

She was small and sweet and yet so powerfully petite

She was an ancient one that you would be blessed to meet

She was calm and very quiet although she was all seeing

Her soft demeanor hid the intensity of her glowing being

She brought in the vibrations from the stars above

She did her great healing magic with her wand of LOVE

Anyone who knew this cool cat would remark at her Glow

She was just that kind of being, the kind you want to know

She sparkled and shined like tinsel on the Yule tree

She brought to mind the shining of the our own star, the sun

I will always love her and talk to her in my dreams

She will come in through the window riding on moonbeams

She will continue to grace us from her cosmic seat

She is now the Cosmic Grandmother Piglet, still so sweet

❤ Piglet Polelli made her transition today ❤

She will be greatly missed and always dearly loved

❤ Michelle Marie Many copyright 11/2017 ❤

I really appreciate this poem by Michelle…she has been a true friend to both Piglet and me throughout the years.

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