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Raising Your Vibration

Hello wonderful souls, raising your vibration is much easier than it sounds...people tend to make it more complicated than what it is.

Some suggestions: staying in connection with the higher Divine consciousness, which is simply feeling love, oneness, and connectedness with all other beings. Staying away from alcohol and recreational drugs, including cannabis, when connecting with multidimensional beings is a must...this is want to keep a clear channel and some of these substances are depressants, which will lower your auric field. Eating a clean diet is doesn’t have to be raw vegan necessarily, but be conscious of where your food is coming from.

Surround yourself with only the highest vibrational music, tv shows, movies, websites, and reading materials...if the entertainment gives you an off or bad feeling, it’s not high vibrational. Connect with nature as much as possible...get lots of fresh air and sunshine, move around as much as you can.

Laugh and have fun with your loved ones...this one will help raise your vibration immediately. Listen to guided meditations that resonate with you...I really like the ones by Steve Nobel, Solara An Ra, and Anita Melchizedek, but you can listen to the ones you like. 🌟💕

As far as hearing your Higher Self, it’s like a voice that doesn’t sound like it’s coming from may even use a different tone or have a different accent or use terminology that you normally wouldn’t use. The communication may not even come in words, but in images or sound. If it’s persistent and keeps repeating, it’s not a passing thought but a message coming through from someone else, or your Higher Self. If you ask the voice directly who it is, an ethical being will usually respond with the truth. Another way to discern if it’s you or not is to check if the messages are coming from a place of love and unconditional support, and if it seems helpful and caring. With me anyway, my own inner voice tends to be self-critical, so if I’m hearing voices that are kind and loving, I know that’s someone outside myself.

To give you an example, yesterday a voice told me to message a friend of mine. I don’t talk to her all that often and I didn’t want to bother her, so I dismissed the message. It told me again several times to message her. I finally did and it turned out that my friend had some information that can really help me, maybe even be life changing! I’m glad I listened to my guides and messaged my friend. 😊

Hope this helps! 😃

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