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My Actual Physical Encounter with Pleiadian Beings

I had a strange experience a couple of years ago that still defies explanation. I was traveling on highway I-25 from Castle Rock to Colorado Springs with my cat Piglet for an event in October 2014. On the way there, a pickup truck filled with a bunch of guys partying clipped our car and caused my car to spin. I didn't hit anything but the truck caused considerable damage to my car. I was badly shaken and called OnStar (no pun for assistance, but both Piglet and I were okay.

While I was waiting for the highway patrol that the OnStar person called for me, there was a man driving a black SUV who stopped and asked me if I needed help. He was very tall and blond and looked very otherworldly handsome in his appearance (like a Nordic). He was wearing dark non-descript clothing. I told him I was okay. He helped me pick up the pieces of my car and then left.

Then about 5 mins after the man left, a woman driving an identical black SUV (that the man drove) stopped and like the man, asked me if I needed help and she said, "Are you BOTH okay?" What I wondered was...How did she know there were two of us in the car!?? Piglet was still in her carrier in the car and not visible from the road. I told her that we were okay and then she said (rather authoritatively), "You should move your car so you two won't get hurt." She helped me move my car to the side of the road. This lady also was very tall, beautiful with strawberry blond hair and otherworldly features, also very Nordic looking. She didn't look like a Coloradan, as she was dressed rather preppy with a pink button down shirt and yellow sweater (kind of how maybe someone from overseas might think an American would dress). After we moved my car, she left.

The highway patrol eventually came and took an accident report, but I kept wondering who were the two strangely attractive people who stopped to help me? They didn't seem like your typical Colorado or Good Samaritan types...they were much too elegant and otherworldly looking. And I know it wasn't a dream or a vision, the people were real and they really did stop to help me...I remember getting out of my car to talk to both of them.

About two weeks after the accident, I had an out-of-body experience during dreamtime that I was in a garden at a lattice-looking table having tea with a new friend but the garden wasn't on Earth. The friend I was having tea with looked oddly familiar...attractive with long strawberry blond hair. I asked her who she was and she said she was the

Higher Version of my cat Piglet. Ok. I then asked her if she knew the two Pleiadian-looking people who helped us on the highway and she laughed. I then said, "Of course your Pleiadian friends will help us when YOU'RE in the car!" She said, "That wasn't any friends...that was me! The woman was me and the man was my male counterpart. We manifested in our true form during the accident to help YOU!" I became silent and truly humbled after Higher Piglet told me that in the garden. I still don't understand exactly what happened during the accident, but it sure seemed like I was receiving help from higher dimensional beings.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading this...this is the first time I've share this experience in public. I just remembered how Piglet (the cat) and I used to go to a tea house in Old Colorado City after our animal-assisted therapy visits to have lunch, because it was the only place I could go to get lunch with my cat, because the owner of the tea house loved Piglet and broke the health codes to allow her there. We'd sit in the outside patio area and I'd have tea and tea sandwiches while the owner always brought Piglet a saucer of milk. It was a good place to rest after working with patients all morning. No wonder Higher Piglet chose a garden with tea for us to have our OBE visit.

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