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More Thoughts on Contacting Extraterrestrials

One should always use discernment and self protection when dealing with any extra-dimensional beings. It would be the same if you were meeting new people here on're not going to trust and open your door to just'd want to check them out a little first. 😉

Anyway, my whole spiritual evolution began when one sleepless night in May of 2012, I prayed for some Divine assistance for Earth.

I wasn't truly awakened during that time and didn't really know what I was doing, but I was very worried about the direction our planet was going in, especially socially, economically, and environmentally, so I called out in earnest sincerity to Jesus, the ascended masters, the angelic realm, AND any Galactic brothers and sisters of the highest vibration who may want to help us. Two weeks after my lonely nighttime prayer, I found myself inside an extraterrestrial star ship with very loving high vibrational extraterrestrial beings and had the most transformational experience of my life. This encounter, for lack of better words, led to my own personal transformation and to awakening and activating my gifts, which I offer in humble service to those who feel called to work with me.

Here's my own take on contacting ETs or any inter-dimensional beings: Sincerity of intent for the call to contact is of upmost importance. Higher level ETs and other beings will respond in kind only to those humans who are resonating at least at a similar vibrational level and who have a genuine desire to connect with their star family members with the goal of promoting peace and unity consciousness between Earth and our star families. Benevolent ETs are not going to just show up for those who are initiating contact from curiosity only or are operating from lower vibrational states. I like the CE-5 protocol of going into deep meditation before initiating contact for the reasons I mentioned above.

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