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Connecting with Your Star Family and ETs

I have some suggestions for channeling and connecting with your star families and extraterrestrials, please use only what resonates with you and leave the rest. I’m often in contact with higher dimensional ETs, angelic beings, and entities (usually my clients’ guides) due to the type of work I do. To make this clear and easy to read, I will outline my tips numerically, so here goes:

1) First and foremost, Self protection is KEY! In the Akashic Records Reading process, I always WITHOUT FAIL clear the space around me to ensure that only the highest vibrational energies are allowed to stay. I use a white pillar of Light directly from Source to do this...I visualize it as a column of light coming in through my crown chakra and creating a protective grid around me and my client. I also do what is called the “divine heart triangle” that connects me, my client, and Source to keep only the highest vibrations in the space. You can still do this for yourself without the additional person...visually connect you and your Higher Self with Source instead. Ask for help from your favorite archangels if you feel it’s needed, but that isn’t a requirement.

2) Intention and state of your own frequency. It’s important that you keep your own frequency as high vibrational as possible. Like will only attract like...the lower vibrational entities may try to attach, but they won’t be able to if your vibration is high. No need to fear dark entities or attachments...that will only attract them to you more. Just be your lovely self and you will attract lovely beings. Intention plays a part too...if your reason for connecting is for the highest good or to help someone else out, then you will attract benevolent beings. If you are doing it out of ego or curiosity, the benevolent ETs won’t be interested in engaging...they are too busy to mess around with lookie-loos. 😉

3) Keep a clear, open space in your heart chakra. Heart connections is everything with our extraterrestrial friends. They tend to prefer to connect with us telepathically, so an open pure heart is needed. You’ll know when you are at the right state of being...if you are happy and at peace, it’s better than being stressed or angry.

4) Trust whatever comes. A lot of times the messages you’ll receive won’t look like what you are expecting. You may receive visual images or sounds or music instead of the spoken word. Our ET friends are fond of using symbols and sacred geometry too. It may be up to you to interpret their communications the best you can as they don’t communicate in the same way we do here on Earth.

5) Have fun...and relax! Our higher dimensional friends have a great sense of humor and love to laugh...they love to make us laugh too. You will have much more meaningful conversations if you are not taking it too seriously.

Hope this has been of luck to you! 💗💗💗

P.S. “Divine Heart Triangle” is a terminology used by Akashic practitioners like myself to connect myself with my client’s Higher Self energy and with Source simultaneously. I think Linda Howe first coined the term in her Akashic Reading books. You can use divine heart triangle to connect with your own higher self and Source when working within the higher realms.

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