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Blue Rays and Indigos

I work with a lot of older Blue Rays (first wave volunteers) in their 60’s and even 70’s in my Akashic work along with Indigos. Most of my local clients here in Colorado fall in this category. Many of them have had to endure a lot of heavy negative social conditioning and abusive home environments before awakening to their true spiritual selves.

When they finally come in to see me, they are oftentimes surprised and relieved to find out that there’s a very good reason why they’ve felt so alienated and displaced for most of their lives.

Many of my older Blue Ray souls are Angelics, Higher Earth, and even a few Sirian Star souls who were the first to arrive here to assist with the Earth evolution project. My problem with some people’s depiction of Blue Rays is that they seem to portray them as weak and confused, which is not the case at all. It takes a highly evolved soul to deal with the level of ignorance and negativity that abounded in Earth’s societies during the earlier part of the 20th century.

These were the folks who busted down the doors of old outmoded societal systems when no one else would. They were the ones who first started asking questions and displaying radical new ideas for a better reality. Many of these people are now retiring and getting ready for their return home...they deserve a long vacation after everything they’ve had to deal with on Earth.

I love my Indigos (second wave volunteers) too...these are the folks who are breaking down the old systems to make way for the new. The Indigos are innovators and creative geniuses who are making waves and continuing the work that the Blue Ray souls started. They are the true spiritual warriors who are clearing the path for the Rainbow children (third wave volunteers) to rebuild newer and more evolved systems here on Earth. 🌈🌞🌎💕

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