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Are we connected across lifetimes with the people we know? Based on her work with the Akashic Records, Debbie Solaris returns to Beyond Belief to guide us through different types of soul contracts and karmic relationships that we all may have across lifetimes with our family and friends. These agreements with other souls can be soul mates or even “twin flames”, connected to our karma. Solaris explains that the soul contract exists to help us go through experiences together, reincarnated through one lifetime after another. In this process, we help one another ascend on an individual level, and ultimately guide Earth to a higher fifth dimension ascended state. She describes how humans with starseed origins may also have soul contract connections with ET beings from other star systems. When our soul contract is completed, our higher selves can move on from that karmic lesson.


What do we know about humanity's cosmic destiny and the 22 "star races" that still affect us? Galactic historian Debbie Solaris returns to Gaia to speak about the answers she has gained through reading the Galactic Akashic Records. Solaris reveals how she has reached a deeper understanding of humanity's cosmic connections through many readings of individual soul origins. Describing soul pathways, Solaris explains our galactic origins from 22 interstellar species whose influences still affect our evolution. From the distant Andromeda sector of the galaxy, human groups began to move outward into time. Ultimately, our collective destiny on Earth may be to understand our extraterrestrial connections, whether from Arcturus, Antares, Pleiades, or elsewhere.


Galactic historian and ET contactee Debbie Solaris discusses her extrasensory perceptions and her work in reading the Galactic Akashic Records over the past decade.


Many extraterrestrial groups who visit our planet have messages for us about the long history of our galaxy. Galactic historian Debbie Solaris shares details of her meetings with Arcturian beings who set her on a path of bringing love and acceptance to humanity. Through her Akashic Records readings, she also shares more details about other beings who have visited our planet, including the Lyrans and Pleiadians, and how human starseeds can uncover their own galactic origins.


Debbie Solaris was not a person who believed in E.T.s until she had a contact experience that changed everything about her. After the encounter she discovered that she was left with enhanced psychic abilities and the capacity to tap into the Akashic Records. Now she is recognized as a galactic historian and starseed intuitive who demonstrates her skills with a reading for George. She describes his first lifetime as a being living the Lyra star system fighting in a war with the Dracos.

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