Akashic Reading

An example of a LIVE Akashic Reading

An Akashic Records reading accesses the cosmic energies of the Akasha, which is the Universe’s energetic soul records, to answer any questions you may have about your soul's journey, which can include:

• your star system, angelic or planetary origins and lineage

• past, parallel, and future lives, both off-world and on Earth

• your life's work/career

• relationships/family, including soul family connections

• health and wellness, ascension symptoms

• your soul’s mission and journey

• galactic and spiritual gifts and talents

• connection with your spirit and/or angelic guides and star family

• clearing of old attached energies and soul contracts (if needed; however, more extensive clearings are best conducted with an Akashic Clearing session)


...and just about any conceivable topic regarding YOU!

Because the Records are held in the highest vibrations of love, all answers to questions are helpful and empowering through knowing the truth to your situation. Debbie will receive downloads and information from your higher self, guides, and angels to help bring clarity, insight, and empowerment to your situation. An Akashic Records reading will most likely be the most powerful, comprehensive, and life-changing reading you’ll ever have!





Ready to Book Your Akashic Reading?
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Debbie is able to do readings in person or remotely via phone call, Skype, or other communication apps.  Please contact me here to schedule a reading.

My Akashic reading with Debbie was beyond amazing! This was my first time with a reading of this type. She made me feel welcome and comfortable as she explained her story, along with how she is able to read my information.  As we proceeded through my life events, I asked questions and she responded with specific answers. I was extremely moved with what I learned and it seemed to ring true...to the heart...hard to explain.​  I highly recommend Debbie for anyone who needs or has a calling to find their place in the "book of life”.

Brian, Colorado Springs, CO