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Akashic Clearing

If you are not feeling well and cannot pinpoint a physical reason for your feelings of malaise or fatigue, OR if you feel stuck in a relationship or situation that is no longer serving your highest good, yet you feel like it’s difficult to break the ties, an Akashic Clearing may be the service for you.


This is healing on a psycho-spiritual level within the highest dimensions of the Akashic Records that clears any entity attachments, discordant spirits, implants, old outdated soul contracts, or any other interferences to your free will and sovereignty as a Divine Child of the Universe.


New intentions for a joyful and purposeful life with ease and grace will set into your Akashic Records in its place.



With much regret, I am sad to inform those of you who are interested in having a reading with me that I can no longer accept new clients at this time. I’ll still be doing readings in 2023 and possibly in 2024, but only for those who are currently on my reading waiting list. I know that is terribly disappointing, but I have a waiting list that is more than two years long now and I have decided that it's really best to close it for now. 


If you are CURRENTLY on my reading waiting list, you will still be given the opportunity to schedule a reading with me once I have room again on my calendar. I just cannot add any more people to my waiting list at this time. Thank you for your kind patience and understanding.

If for some reason you are able to book on Saturdays, I will sadly have to reschedule.  Apologize for any inconvenience.


I am extremely pleased with the results from the Akashic Clearing Debbie performed for me. For almost nine years I was in an off again, on again relationship with a man whom I had a soul contract with. Debbie performed the clearing which broke the contract. Since then I have been able to move forward with my life and focus my energy on my daughter, family, friends, job and my future. I am much happier then I’ve been in 9 years. I recommend Debbie to anyone who is really ready to move forward with their life and let go of stuff that is keeping you from doing so.

Diana, Colorado Springs, CO

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